A jealous boyfriend slashed the other man’s tires. Then shots were fired outside a party

The tire slashing and shots fired boiled down to jealousy.

A Tacoma woman met a 21-year-old, exchanged phone numbers and invited him to a party at her home Sunday. She did not mention that she had a boyfriend, according to court documents.

Through a string of text messages, the boyfriend apparently became suspicious and went over to her house toward the end of the get-together.

They argued in the car and then the boyfriend smashed a bottle on the other man’s car and slashed two of his tires.

The man, who had been inside, heard the commotion and came out.

When he saw the damage to his vehicle, he allegedly pulled out a gun.

The boyfriend told the woman to get out of the car and run inside just as the other man fired two shots, records show.

The boyfriend drove toward the alleged gunman but swerved at the last minute, missing the man and driving off instead.

Witnesses said the 21-year-old kept firing.

The woman’s mother called 911 to report the shooting.

Police found the man changing his tire.

“The defendant claimed to police that as he walked toward (the boyfriend’s) car, he held the gun down at his side, then (the boyfriend) suddenly accelerated towards him and tried to hit him with the car, that only then did he start firing shots at the car,” according to charging papers.

Officers found one bullet hole in the grille of the boyfriend’s vehicle and four more in the back of the car.

Pierce County prosecutors on Monday charged the 21-year-old with first-degree assault. He pleaded not guilty and was released on his own recognizance.

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