Police beat: Christmas punches, a process server with problems and a man with 27 shaved keys

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Dec. 24: The Christmas Eve punches between father and son started playfully. Then the blood started running.

Two county sheriff’s deputies picked up the report: a disturbance in the 13000 block of 225th Avenue Court East, near Bonney Lake.

At first, they found nothing. The people involved in the reported fight had left.

One deputy spotted blood drops on the porch. They left a trail in the snow that led to tire tracks, but no one was around. The deputies cleared the scene.

A bit later, a new dispatch call came in. One of the parties in the incident was calling in from Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup to report an assault.

It was the son, 22. He said he’d opened a beer at a holiday party, and he’d been play-boxing with his father, 41, who threw a few punches as his son held the beer — but the punches hurt, and the son thought they were cheap shots, since he was holding a beverage at the time.

A little later, the son got revenge, he said. He popped his father with an index finger, just under the nose, aiming for a pressure point.

The father got mad and complained, the son told deputies. The two men took the argument outside. The son handed his father a beer bottle and told him to try to defend himself while holding it.

The father took the bottle and cracked it across his son’s face, the son said. He couldn’t remember much of what happened after that, except that they fought some more, and someone drove him to the hospital, and his father left in another car.

The deputy looked the son over. He smelled like alcohol and sounded drunk. A big gash started over his left eye, and marked a diagonal across his nose. His face and clothes were bloody, and he had a welt on his forehead. A doctor told the deputy the son was bleeding internally near the brain due to multiple blows to the head.

By now, the deputy knew he would need backup as he hunted for the father, who had a prior history of fleeing from police. Several deputies approached another address in Bonney Lake, surrounded it, and told the man to come out.

The father came. A deputy cuffed him and told him he was under arrest. He didn’t resist. He smelled and sounded like he’d been drinking.

He told a story similar to his son’s, including the play-boxing and the shot to the nose. He admitted hitting his son with the beer bottle. He said it was self-defense because the son attacked him without warning.

He said he hit him more than once with the bottle. The second time, it broke. He said he punched him in the head and face, then bear-hugged him to calm him down.

The father had three unrelated arrest warrants for misdemeanors. He was booked into the Pierce County Jail on the warrants, and suspicion of second-degree assault.

Dec. 27: No one wants to see a process server on the doorstep delivering legal papers with bad news. The effect worsens when the process server fights with her boyfriend in the midst of the delivery.

The dispatch call reported a man and woman fighting on the Mountain Highway near Eatonville. Reportedly, the man was riding on the hood of the woman’s car as the couple fought.

Two sheriff’s deputies drove to the area and found the woman, 36, and her boyfriend, 29, near a white Ford Explorer. The window of the hatch was shattered, and the man had blood and cuts on his hands and arms.

The deputies stowed the man in a patrol car and spoke to the woman, who tried to explain.

She said she was trying to deliver court papers in the area. Her boyfriend had been riding with her, and they were arguing.

All verbal, no violence, the woman said — but the fight continued as she tried to hand off the legal papers. The intended recipient didn’t like that, refused service and told the woman to take the fight somewhere else.

The woman left with her boyfriend, but the argument continued, she said. They were fighting over an earlier fight.

Abruptly, her boyfriend, sitting in the passenger seat, reached over and shifted the car into park. The woman said she tried to get out, but her boyfriend stopped her. She stepped out again. He followed her.

She said she went back to the car and tried to drive. He jumped on the hood. She drove, slowly. He clambered onto the roof. The woman said she heard the back window shatter.

She didn’t want her boyfriend arrested, she said. She would refuse to testify. The deputy told her law enforcement officers were duty-bound to make an arrest in these situations.

The second deputy spoke to the man, who said he was just trying to protect his girlfriend from the guy who got upset when she tried to serve legal papers. He admitted climbing on the car, but denied breaking the window.

Deputies booked the man into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of malicious mischief related to domestic violence.

Dec. 29: Perhaps the Tacoma man had a good reason for carrying 27 shaved keys, but he couldn’t come up with one. Giving a fake name didn’t help, either.

A Tacoma officer driving on routine patrol spotted the man at about 4 a.m., walking with a friend in the middle of the road near the 1600 block of South 58th Street.

The officer asked the men for their names. The friend answered honestly. The man, 45, gave an answer that didn’t match any known records. The officer cuffed him and asked his name again.

The man provided another fake name. Again, no hits. The officer asked once more.

Finally, the man gave his real name. He had a pair of outstanding warrants for his arrest. He carried a knife, two bank cards with other people’s names, and the 27 shaved keys.

He said he wasn’t stealing cars, but he couldn’t explain why he carried all the keys. He also had numerous prior convictions for stealing cars or possessing stolen cars, as well as identity theft.

The officer booked the man into the Pierce County Jail on the warrants, and suspicion of possessing motor vehicle theft tools.