His run of raping, torturing and abusing women ends with a 340-year sentence to prison

Jeremy Fenney prostituted a woman, cut her with a machete and burned her with a blowtorch.

He would force her to stand naked for hours, fired a gun near her head and regularly beat and humiliated her.

The woman told a Kitsap County Superior Court Fenney, 30, is “the most evil and twisted person” she’s ever known, according to the Kitsap Sun.

On Monday, he was sentenced to more than 340 years in prison.

A jury convicted Fenney last month on 44 criminal charges including rape, kidnapping, human trafficking and assault. They found him not guilty on one count of attempted first-degree murder.

Deputy Prosecutor Coreen Schnepf asked for a high sentence, arguing that “The violence that was inflicted on the victims of this case is really unimaginable.”

Fenney also raped a woman in Silverdale.

In a letter read at Monday’s hearing, that victim wrote that she felt extreme guilt for not being able to protect the other woman from Fenney.

“I planned my day around whether she was being beaten, or tortured or humiliated to what she degree,” she wrote. “Not only did I feel guilty about not being able to protect her, I knew that my safety was in constant jeopardy.”

Finney’s mother and aunt testified during his trial that he didn’t get a fair trial and that he was never offered help rehabilitating after being convicted of his first crime when he was 16.

“So this life sentence really is nothing, he’s already lived in hell,” Lisa Dean told the court, according to the Kitsap Sun.

Finney apologized Monday to the victims and said he found religion after being arrested.

“I’m sorry for everything you and me went through, and I’m sorry that at the end of the day you believe that I never really loved you,” he said. “I pray that God can one day really put forgiveness in your heart.”

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