Police beat: Pizza rolls, a gun at the phone store, and a battered housekeeper

Police Beat is compiled from reports to local law enforcement agencies.
Police Beat is compiled from reports to local law enforcement agencies.

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

April 9: The pizza rolls weren’t worth the pain.

The dispatch call reported a domestic disturbance between two roommates. Two sheriff’s deputies drove to a house in the 21800 block of 52nd Avenue East.

One window of the home was open. Deputies heard someone crying inside. They looked at the garage door, also partially open. Peeking underneath, they saw someone lying on a bed.

The deputies knocked on the door and shouted, identifying themselves. No one answered. They heard movement in the garage, and called for the person to come out. The person didn’t.

The front door opened. A woman, 34, stood crying on the threshold, wrapped in a blanket. She started to close the door, but deputies told her to come out.

The woman cried. Where was her boyfriend? She said he was gone.

What was going on? They had argued, she said.

One deputy kept half an eye on the garage, still hearing movement inside. The second deputy went into the house.

Another woman, 44, stepped out of a bedroom. She had called 911.

Where was the boyfriend? The older woman said she didn’t know. Would she mind showing them the inside entrance to the garage? Fine.

The deputy entered the garage and saw a car with an open door. Inside, the boyfriend, 25, huddled under a blanket, seemingly trying to hide. He wore underwear and nothing else. The deputy cuffed him.

The man said his girlfriend was a meth addict, and they got into a fight earlier because he had some and wouldn’t give her any. He said the argument was verbal, and denied hitting her.

At first, the younger woman said the argument was verbal. The deputy asked where her boyfriend hit her.

“Everywhere,” she said.

What was the fight about?

Pizza rolls, the woman said. Her boyfriend got mad because he didn’t get enough of them. He slapped her three or four times, and slammed her head into a wall, she said.

She refused medical aid. She refused to let the deputy take photographs. She just wanted her boyfriend gone.

The deputies arrested him and booked him into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of misdemeanor assault.

April 7: If you’re going to threaten the phone store employees with a gun, maybe giving them your name and address beforehand isn’t the best idea.

The dispatch call reported intimidation with a weapon. Six sheriff’s deputies drove to a cell phone store in the 15600 block of Meridian East. The initial report said the man was older, a disgruntled customer who complained, walked outside to his car and walked back toward the entrance with a big handgun.

Store employees gave the man’s name, listed in the customer file. The deputies split up: Five went to the man’s house. One spoke to store employees.

At the house, the car linked to the man sat in the driveway. Deputies called the man, using the phone number store employees gave. He answered. They told him to come out. He came. They cuffed him.

The man, 62, said he didn’t have a gun on him, and hadn’t carried anything that looked like a gun at the phone store.

Did he have a revolver? Yes. He showed it to them: a silver Taurus .357 in a camouflage holster. Would he agree to let the deputies confiscate it for investigative purposes? The man agreed.

Meanwhile, the other deputy spoke to three store employees. They said the man came in angry, saying his phone had been stolen. He wanted it replaced, but hadn’t bought insurance for it.

The employees explained the policy. The man didn’t like it. He demanded to speak to a manager. The manager explained the policy again. The man still didn’t like it. He said if this problem wasn’t fixed he would go to his car and come back, and no one would be happy.

The man went to his car, the employees said. He walked back carrying a gun: a “Dirty Harry gun," one employee said.

The manager and the employees closed the security gate before the man could come back inside. The man saw the gates close, went back to his car and drove away, they said.

Back at the man’s house, the story kept changing. At first, he said he hadn’t had a gun at all. Then he said it might have been in the car, but he never took it out when he was at the store. He was booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of intimidation with a weapon.

April 6: The hotel guest called for housekeeping, then changed her mind and tried to beat up the housekeeper.

Tacoma officers responded to a reported assault at a hotel in the 8600 block of South Hosmer Street. They walked down a first-floor hall and saw a woman, 45, berating one of the hotel workers, blocking the screaming guest with a cleaning cart.

Officers identified themselves. They asked the woman if she would stop shouting.

“No,” the woman said, adding a curse. She walked back into her room and slammed the door. She shouted from inside: She would turn the TV up as loud as possible. The TV blared behind the door.

Officers spoke to the hotel worker, 43. She said the woman called to have her room vacuumed. The worker entered the room, and the guest told her to get out. Before the worker could leave, the guest started hitting her, she said.

The worker said she tried to leave and push the cart out of the room. The guest followed her, she said.

Officers knocked on the guest’s door. At first, she answered with profanity. Finally she opened the door.

Officers told her she was under arrest for assault. The woman didn’t agree. Both officers teamed up, taking her to the floor and cuffing her.

The woman tried to pull away as officers walked her to a patrol car. She wanted to go home. She wanted to go swimming. She didn’t get what she wanted. She was booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of misdemeanor assault.

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