'I lost it and killed the dog.' Man was jealous of his ex's toy terrier, deputies say

The man felt threatened by Andy. His girlfriend was giving him too much attention for his taste.

So the Graham man brutally killed the 1 1/2-pound toy terrier after the woman broke up with him Tuesday, Pierce County prosecutors say.

The 20-year-old was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court on one count of first-degree animal cruelty. He was released on electronic home monitoring on the condition he have no contact with animals.

According to charging documents:

A woman arrived to her home in the 6200 block of 219th Street Court East in Spanaway on Tuesday and found her daughter's toy terrier wrapped up in a blanket, dead.

She asked her daughter's ex-boyfriend — who had split with her daughter the day before — what had happened, and he said it was an accident. But then his stories didn't add up, then admitted he had killed the dog, so the woman called Pierce County sheriff's deputies.

Deputies interviewed the daughter, who said her ex-boyfriend broke off their relationship because he was jealous of the dog. She then said the man was at the house to pick up his belongings.

Deputies met with the man and read to him his Miranda rights.

"I lost it and killed the dog," he said.

Deputies pressed for more details. He said he was in the garage after picking up his stuff from the house after the breakup.

The dog came into the garage, and the already-angry man picked him up and threw him against a concrete wall. He told deputies that Andy died immediately.