He threatened to 'get' his girlfriend, but ran the car into a fire hydrant instead

A Tacoma couple’s fight ended with a car on top of a fire hydrant and a spitting mad boyfriend behind bars.

The girlfriend called police Tuesday to report that her boyfriend tried to run her down and instead drove her Nissan Altima onto a fire hydrant in the 150 block of South 70th Street.

The fight started when she spotted her 62-year-old boyfriend in her car at a bar. Then she found him sitting in her car in the driveway.

The girlfriend threatened to cancel the car registration. The boyfriend got in her face, allegedly swinging his arms until she hit him on the forehead.

That’s when he climbed into the Altima, backed down the driveway, yelled “I’m going to get you” and sped toward his girlfriend as she stood in the yard, according to court documents.

She stepped out of the car’s path and the Nissan went onto the fire hydrant, where it was still balancing when officers arrived.

The man denied driving the car, blaming a friend he couldn’t name or provide contact information for, records show.

A witness backed up the girlfriend’s claim that the boyfriend was driving the Nissan.

He was taken to a hospital to be checked out before being arrested.

Pierce County prosecutors on Thursday charged the boyfriend with second-degree assault. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered jailed in lieu of $35,000 bail.

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