Sex offender registrations in Pierce County

Tacoma Police Department

The following convicted sex offenders have recently registered to live in Pierce County.

Each is categorized as a Level 3 sex offender — those considered most likely to commit similar crimes. None is wanted by law enforcement officers at this time.

All convicted sex offenders registered to live in Tacoma and Pierce County are listed on the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department’s website at

Damon S. Lee

Damon S. Lee Tacoma Police Department

Age: 62.

Description: 6 feet 1 and 300 pounds, black hair with brown eyes.

Where registered to live: 5500 block of Detroit Avenue SW, Lakewood.

Criminal history: Convicted in 1990 of first-degree rape for sexually assaulting a hitchhiker at gunpoint. He was also convicted of first-degree robbery in California for an unrelated incident.

Sex offender treatment: It is unknown if he participated in a treatment program while at the state’s Special Commitment Center.

For more information: Call Lakewood police Sgt. Thom Stewart at 253-830-5019.

Timothy Fourhorns-Harrell

Timothy Fourhorns-Harrell Tacoma Police Department

Age: 38.

Description: 6 feet 1 and 285 pounds, black hair and brown eyes.

Where registered to live: 3500 block of McKinley Avenue, Tacoma.

Criminal history: Convicted in 1998 of first-degree rape in King County of sexually assaulting a woman.

Sex offender treatment: He did not participate in a treatment program while incarcerated.

For more information: Call Tacoma police Det. Christie Yglesias at 253-591-5869.