Dad accused of whipping 4-year-old girl eight years after he was convicted of hitting baby

For the second time in eight years, a Pierce County man is charged with assaulting a young child.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged the 30-year-old with third-degree child assault for allegedly whipping his 4-year-old daughter with a belt.

The child’s grandparents reported possible abuse to police after noticing bruises on the girl’s body.

Her father told officers his daughter fell while in the shower, and she was bruised after he grabbed her to break the fall.

The girl told police, “My dad hits me,” and pointed out scars on her stomach and buttocks, according to charging papers.

She also claimed she “yelled for help” while her dad was whipping her with a belt, but nobody came, records say.

Her father has a prior conviction for four counts of second-degree child assault related to a 2011 case where he punched and shook his then-girlfriend’s 8-month-old son.

The baby suffered fractured ribs, fractured skull and bruising.

Prosecutors said the man is also currently charged in District Court with assaulting his girlfriend.