Officers find gun near scene of shooting

Pierce County sheriff’s investigators have found a gun in the area where two deputies shot a robbery suspect Wednesday in Parkland.

The gun was found Saturday about 10 feet from the path of a K-9 dog that had tracked down the wounded man, sheriff’s detective Sgt. Jerry Bates said Monday.

The shooting occurred after deputies Robert Shaw and Christopher Todd contacted two men who matched the descriptions of men involved in an assault and attempted robbery at a Pacific Avenue gas station.

One man was taken into custody without incident; the other struggled with a deputy who had frisked the man and felt what he suspected was a gun. Shaw and Todd shot the 21-year-old man when they believed he was going for a weapon.

The man fled. The police dog found him 30 minutes later, hiding in some bushes more than a block from the shooting scene.

Investigators spent several days looking for evidence and the possible weapon.

They used GPS technology to mark the spot where the man had shed some clothing. Based on the police dog’s track, searchers looked in a brushy area and found the handgun.

“The condition of the gun suggested it had not been there very long; it did not appear weathered or rusted,” the Sheriff’s Department stated in a release.

Investigators will trying to find the gun’s owner, Bates said. They’ll also seek evidence of who had the gun when it was tossed aside.

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