PARKLAND: Shooting by deputy ruled justifiable

A Pierce County sheriff’s deputy was justified when he shot and killed a Parkland man armed with a handgun earlier this year, Prosecuting Attorney Gerald Horne announced Friday.

Sheriff’s deputy Seth Huber “acted in strict conformance with state law” when he fired two shots at Kenneth Alan Woodham, 57, at a house in the 800 block of 111th Street South in April, Horne said.

Woodham had turned toward Huber and another deputy and pointed a .45-caliber pistol at them. He previously had ignored commands to drop the gun, which later was found cocked and loaded.

Woodham was hit twice in the chest and later died.

His wife, Denise, reportedly told investigators, “Honestly, I think Ken wanted it over for him.”

Huber and another deputy had been dispatched to the house to investigate a reported domestic disturbance.

Woodham was on probation for a DUI conviction and reportedly had been drinking alcohol in violation of the terms of his release on the day of his death, according to Horne.

Medical Examiner Eric Kiesel also reviewed the case and decided a coroner’s inquest was unnecessary, Horne said.

Adam Lynn, The News Tribune