Intruder shot by Gig Harbor homeowner pleads guilty to criminal trespassing

A man shot by a homeowner as the intruder tried to enter a Gig Harbor house pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal trespassing Thursday.

Brandon Bird, 37, was given a suspended one-year prison sentence, which means he will not have to serve time if he commits no other crimes.

Bird also must complete a treatment program and submit to a mental health evaluation, according to Pierce County Superior Court records.

He was shot in the back Oct. 24 as he opened the front door of a home after the homeowner warned him several times to stop.

The homeowner told authorities Bird drove down the man’s driveway and asked for directions to a nearby address. He gave Bird directions, including a printed map from the Internet, but became suspicious after Bird began asking questions about the man’s family.

The homeowner’s wife, children and mother were inside the home at the time.

Bird was shot once as he opened the front door of the house and walked inside.

Prosecutors did not charge the homeowner.