$240,000 in cash found in Kent home of suspected drug dealer

A Kent man suspected of being involved in a drug dealing organization had $240,000 stashed in his home, police said.

Members of a regional narcotics task force allegedly bought cocaine from Christian Vazquez Lopez several times before serving a warrant at his house Wednesday.

Lopez, 29, pleaded not guilty Thursday to unlawfully conspiring to possess cocaine with the intent to deliver and unlawfully possessing a firearm.

Pierce County prosecutors said Lopez is in the country illegally and thus banned from having a gun. A .22 caliber pistol was found in his truck during the search.

Commissioner Meagan Foley ordered Lopez held on $350,000 bail.

Detectives who searched Lopez’s house found $240,000 in cash in a bedroom cabinet and in a hole hidden behind the bathroom mirror, according to charging papers.

Lopez allegedly told police he buys cars and has someone build a hidden compartment in them to carry drugs or money and then sells the vehicles, making about $5,000 each time.