Man charged with breaking into Tacoma home while family was sleeping

Walter Williams III gave several reasons for why he was in a Tacoma home Sunday while the family who lived there was sleeping.

He said he was being followed by a Cuban with an ax.

Then it was that native Americans had invited him in.

No, a child watching cartoons opened the door for him.

Actually, he said, a gang of “black railroad gangsters” chased him in.

Police believe he was on drugs and broke into the house, according to court documents.

Williams, 30, pleaded not guilty to first-degree burglary and was ordered jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail.

A woman who lived in the house in the 5500 block of McDacer Avenue told police she awoke to a voice she didn’t recognize and found Williams in the hallway.

The family escorted him outside but Williams stayed on the porch.

Williams then allegedly used a 3-inch-long knife to try forcing open a bedroom window. One of the homeowners grabbed an ax and went outside to confront him, according to charging papers.

Williams assumed a fighting stance but then took off running toward Pacific Avenue. That’s where officers found him and took him into custody.