Prisoner charged with setting off sprinklers in Fife jail

Jason Pierce was bored.

Pierce County prosecutors say here’s what happened next:

Locked up Tuesday in the Fife jail, Pierce was lounging on a top bunk in cell No. 253 when he noticed the fire sprinkler overhead.

He bent back two metal bars protecting the fire-suppression system and set off the sprinkler.

The result was four flooded cells and a waterlogged hallway, as well as four soaked mattresses.

Staff members said they had to shut down the jail and couldn’t process new inmates for nearly an hour.

Pierce told police he was bored and wanted to play with the sprinkler but “he did not know what was going to happen,” according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged Pierce, 25, with first-degree malicious mischief. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bail.