Man charged with breaking into Lakewood home to take bath

By the time a Lakewood family returned home from dinner Friday, the intruder had showered and was standing in the kitchen.

Scott Latham, 42, told the family he just wanted to leave, according to court documents.

The father said no and grabbed him. The mother called police and took the three crying children outside.

Officers arrived to find the men tussling in the kitchen, Latham in a headlock with his pants on the floor. Police handcuffed him and asked hat he was doing in the home on Briar Road.

“The defendant said that he entered through a back window and said he only wanted to take a bath and then leave,” according to court documents.

Latham allegedly told police his parents once lived in the home.

His socks and shoes were found outside a back window. There were suds in the tub.

Pierce County prosecutors charged Latham with first-degree burglary and fourth-degree assault. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail.