Tacoma man charged in assault on 5-month-old son

A Tacoma man has been charged with first-degree child assault after his 5-month-old son was found unconscious and showed signs of being under the influence of drugs.

A warrant has been issued for Scott Rasmus, 34.

Pierce County prosecutors also charged Rasmus with second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. When officers were inside his house, they said they found two guns. Rasmus, a convicted felon, is barred from owning weapons.

Police were called Feb. 9 to Rasmus’ home in the 3500 block of South Monroe Street when he reported his car stolen. When officers arrived, they spotted Rasmus in the backseat of the car and his wife calling for help on the porch.

The woman said Rasmus had nearly killed their son, who was unconscious. The boy had purple hands, a bump on the side of his head and an abrasion on his jaw, according to charging papers.

Rasmus told police he knew nothing about the marks on his son and that he’d fed him and put him to sleep a half hour earlier, the documents state.

The baby was taken to the hospital and later placed into protective custody. Doctors found the boy suffered two broken ribs.

A baby bottle found in the home tested positive for ethanol and ketamine, court records state.

“These drugs had to be administered to such a young child,” according to the documents. “He could not have done this on his own. The medications caused him to decrease his breathing and almost die.”

Rasmus’ wife told police he’d lost his job shortly after their son was born and had been drinking and doing drugs.

On Feb. 8, the couple got into an argument and Rasmus allegedly forced her to leave their house without the baby. His wife went to stay with a friend. He then called her and threatened to report their car stolen if she didn’t answer the phone.

In the morning, Rasmus allegedly called his wife and told her to come home and get their son. The woman told police she arrived to find the baby unconscious and the house ransacked.