Woman accused of threatening to shoot up Fife business

A Kent woman has been charged with threatening to shoot up a Fife business she when didn’t get the advertising service she expected.

Kenya Scott, 39, pleaded not guilty Monday to felony harassment, which Pierce County prosecutors said happened last week.

According to charging papers, Scott had paid a firm called DEX between $1,200 and $1,300 to advertise her heating business, though it’s unclear whether Scott’s company exists.

She left a string of increasingly angry voice messages Thursday at the DEX office about her frustration with not getting the advertising she expected, prosecutors said

Eventually she said she was going to show up at the business and shoot and kill the first employee she saw, according to the court records.

DEX officials told police they wanted to hire off-duty officers to guard the parking lot, and warned another DEX office about the threats.

Officers went to Scott’s apartment, and spoke with managers when they couldn’t find her.

The managers refused to leave a message for Scott to call police, explaining that they were all afraid of her, according to charging papers.

Scott, who was home when officers went there again, slammed the door when she saw them.

Once officers were able to talk with her, she cried and said she was sorry and knew she should not have threatened to kill someone. She eventually surrendered and was arrested.

Officers later learned she may have been arrested recently for allegedly threatening to blow up a Burien business.

Her bail was set at $15,000, and a condition of her release from custody was that she cannot go within 5,000 feet of the Fife business, or the person she called there.