Lynx brothers from Colorado to debut at Northwest Trek

Two brothers – rare Canada lynx – will make their debut this weekend at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park near Eatonville.

The 15-month-old cats, Sherman and Omak, arrived in mid-June from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado, where they were born and have lived since kittenhood.

“We’re excited to offer our visitors an up close look at a species that’s not often seen in the wild,” zoological curator Heidi Hellmuth said.

Lynx are extremely rare in Washington. Fewer than 100 are thought to be living in state wilderness. Typically, they appear only when snowshoe hare populations farther north are declining.

The cats are considered a threatened species in the United States and in the state.

Hellmuth predicted Sherman and Omak will become visitor favorites.

“They love to stalk, chase and pounce on each other,” she said. “They’re very curious and will love exploring their new lush, forested home.”

The brothers underwent routine physicals and received four vaccinations last week in preparation for their public debut. Sherman weighed in at 23 pounds while Omak was 25 pounds. Male lynx in the wild can reach up to 30 pounds or more.

The lynx brothers will be on public exhibit this weekend and will rotate on exhibit with a third lynx. A fourth lynx lives behind the scenes at the park.