Police arrest suspect in double homicide outside Kent gas station

Kent police Wednesday arrested a suspect in connection to the fatal shooting of two people at a Kent gas station.

Officers earlier had found two vehicles that might be related to the shootings and were talking to two people in connection to the deaths. It wasn’t clear if the person arrested was one of those two. They were not calling the pair suspects earlier.

The shooting happened about 8:40 a.m. at a gas station in the 6300 block of South 212th Street.

Police released no details concerning the victims other than that they likely were in their early 20s. Investigators said they could not confirm the relationship between the victims and the suspected shooter.

One of the victims was the gas station manager, according to the station manager’s friend.

Witnesses said they saw the passenger of a black Cadillac sedan start a fight with two men outside the convenience store, and the driver of the Cadillac grabbed a gun.

“He just reached in his car, grabbed a gun, ran over to his buddy and shot the other two people,” said a witness who gave only his first name, Allen.

He said he saw the incident from a few feet away as he was pumping gas.

He said the Cadillac driver was mouthing off to him just moments before the incident.

“When he walked by me, he tried to shoulder check me as he walked by,” Allen said.

He said it was the passenger who started the fight and the driver who shot the two men on the sidewalk by the store's entrance.