Employee accused of stealing $295,000 from Fife company

The vice president of operations at a Fife company said he thought the money – nearly $300,000 – was a reward for a job well done.

The company president contends he stole it.

Pierce County prosecutors sided with the company president, and this week charged David Scalf, 51, with first-degree theft. He is to be arraigned Sept. 3.

Scalf has worked for 30 years at CFM Consolidated, which manufactures various car parts.

Charging papers gave this account:

In 2004, Scalf proposed refurbishing car parts that were defective or returned and selling them on eBay. The company president greenlighted the project but refused to pay Scalf additional money for overseeing it.

An employee in 2013 alerted the president that Scalf likely was pocketing money made from the eBay sales. The estimated loss to the business was $295,682.

Scalf told police he did the eBay work on his own time under the business license of his own company.

“When asked if CFM Consolidated knew the defendant was personally profiting off of the eBay sales the defendant stated that they never asked him but assumed they knew,” records state.

“The defendant stated that he never intended to hide anything and the money he made was simply a reward for his efforts.”