Burglar targeting homes of elderly residents in Tacoma

A burglar has broken into at least six houses in Tacoma in the last few weeks.

Police are worried about the safety of residents because the man is burglarizing homes with unlocked doors or windows.

“At this point, all have been unoccupied, but obviously we are concerned that someone will be confronted in their own home,” police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said Monday.

All the break-ins have happened during the day. The locations include the 5300 block of North Lexington Street, the 8800 block of 27th Street, the 1370 block of Bel Air Road, the 6500 block of Burning Tree Road and the 1600 block of Bridgeview.

In each case, the man knocks on the door of elderly residents and asks if they’ve seen his lost dog. He gives them a crumpled photograph of a dog, but they have been of various breeds.

The burglar has used the name Buddy and Baby for the dog.

Because the neighbors think the man is searching for a missing dog, they haven’t worried when they’ve seen him at other homes, Cool said.

Police said the man has stolen expensive jewelry from the homes he’s targeted.

The burglar is white, age 25 to 35, about 6-feet-4 with a slight build and blond or brown hair. He is unshaven with a dirty appearance. He wears baggy clothes, a gray jacket, gray pants, baseball cap with Carhartt-type boots.

Anyone who spots the man is asked to call 911.