Tacoma man charged with operating meth lab

An undercover drug sting led Tacoma police to a methamphetamine lab this week.

After the sting Pierce County prosecutors charged Daniel Naranjo, 43, with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday and was ordered held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Naranjo had been under surveillance and Tuesday was no different.

Detectives watched a man enter Naranjo’s duplex and walk out with a box. Then they saw Naranjo carry a plastic bag inside his home. They asked a judge for a warrant.

The warrant allowed detective’s to stop the man’s car as he left the meetup with Naranjo. Police said they found 9.8 pounds of meth inside the car.

Detectives then searched Naranjo’s home, where they found a liquid meth conversion lab, $4,600 in cash, a 9mm handgun, 10 pounds of dried meth and several buckets of liquid meth, according to court documents.

Police said they found another $15,000 hidden in a secret compartment in Naranjo’s car.