New details emerge about fatal shooting at Tacoma motel

It was only 20 seconds from the time armed, masked men burst into a Tacoma motel room to the time they fatally shot a man in the stomach.

New details about the killing of Kevin Young, 41, came to light Thursday when Pierce County prosecutors filed charges against a fourth defendant.

Brandi Rye, 27, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in connection with the Aug. 20 shooting at the King Oscar Motel, 88220 S. Hosmer St.

Co-defendants Marcus Boykin, 30, and Aron Skaro, 32, have pleaded not guilty to the same charges. Raphael Smith, 32, is charged but has not been arrested.

Prosecutors allege the group tried to rob Young of drugs and money while he was hanging out in a motel room with his girlfriend.

Earlier in the night, the couple spent time with Rye, who once was incarcerated at the Pierce County Jail with Young’s girlfriend.

Rye allegedly drove the two to a nearby convenience store so Young could withdraw $30 and left soon afterward.

Witnesses told police they saw Rye get into a Cadillac with two men outside the motel room. They saw another man in a sedan pull up and speak with the occupants of the Cadillac.

Then they saw two men walk toward the motel room. One wore a mask and carried a shotgun.

Within 20 seconds, gunshots rang out.

Young gave the robbers the $30 he’d withdrawn from the ATM but was shot in the stomach during an argument, according to charging papers. He was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Boykin and Smith allegedly ran from the room and fled in the Cadillac, which was driven by Skaro.

Skaro admitted his involvement in the incident and told detectives that Boykin and Smith committed the robbery and shooting, court records show. He also directed detectives to the Cadillac, according to the records.

Rye told police she got a call from Smith and Boykin, who told her they’d been involved in an attempted robbery and needed her help hiding the Cadillac.