Police Beat: An angry stepfather, a traveling band and a steak knife

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police.

Sept. 4: The 13-year-old boy sat on the bed. His stepfather loomed, balled a fist and shouted, “Do something! Do something!”

Officers watched through the apartment window. They were responding to a domestic-violence call and moving quickly. As they reached the entrance, the boy’s mother rushed out and said, “He’s in there — he’s hitting my baby!”

Moments later, the stepfather, 31, was in handcuffs, ushered out of the apartment.

“You disrespected me! You disrespected me!” he shouted toward his wife.

She cried. The boy, still on the bed, was shaking. Officers sorted out the story. It was a two-parter.

The mother, 34, had waved them down about 2:40 a.m. and asked for a ride home to the 3900 block of Mason Loop Road. Officers had given her a ride. The woman said her husband had been driving drunk and she’d gotten out of his car to walk.

A few minutes after dropping off the woman, officers got a second call from the same address. The line had disconnected.

With the husband in custody, the mother explained. The couple had been to a casino, had too many drinks and started arguing. She’d left the car, and the officers had driven her home. She’d tried to go into the house, but her husband, who had already arrived, had barred the door.

She tried to climb in through her son’s window, she said — but her husband had rushed outside and tried to pull her down. She scrambled inside, and her husband came back in, pushed her down and emptied her purse on the floor. She’d called 911, but her husband took the phone away and took it apart.

The boy, asked for his version, backed up his mother’s account. The mother said she wanted the protection order filed against her husband while he was still in jail. It was the second order she’d filed in the space of a year, according to Pierce County court records.

In the patrol car, the husband described the argument at the casino. He said his wife wanted more money and he wouldn’t give her any. That had started the fight, which rekindled at the apartment.

The husband said the problem was he’d had too much to drink. Officers took him to the Fife City Jail and booked him on suspicion of domestic-violence assault and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.

Sept. 1: The security guard said the hotel guests were too loud. The guests disagreed. The security guard opted for pepper spray, which added heat to the dispute.

The call was a reported disturbance at a hotel in the 6800 block of Tacoma Mall Boulevard. Officers arrived and spoke to the guard, who was 24.

The troublesome guests were still in the hotel room. They belonged to a traveling band. The guard said they were too loud. He told them to leave and they wouldn’t go.

Officers spoke to one of the guests, a 30-year-old man. The man said the guard had gotten in his brother’s face and been very aggressive. The brother got mad.

Officers spoke to the brother, who was 24 and tipped the scales at 350 pounds. The brother was showing the effects of pepper spray. He spoke little English, apart from saying the security guard was “in my face.”

Officers looked at the hotel’s security video.

They saw the guard, walking back toward the lobby. They saw the brother walking behind the guard. They saw the brother shove the guard to the ground from behind. The guard rose, drew a bottle of pepper spray and aimed it at the brother’s face. The brother ran away.

Officers spoke to the 30-year-old man, who said he and the other guests were leaving. The officers put the 24-year-old brother into a patrol car and drove him to the Fife City Jail, where he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor assault.

Sept. 1: She found pictures of another woman in her boyfriend’s car; that was why she picked up the steak knife.

Officers answered a call of a reported domestic incident and drove to a gas station in the 1400 block of Puyallup Avenue. They found a man driving a white limousine, circling the parking lot, followed by a woman who marked his trail in a red 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. The man said his girlfriend was trying to slash his tires. He was driving in circles to keep her away.

The man was 30. His girlfriend was 27. He said he didn’t want her to go to jail. He said he’d been dating her for two years. Tonight, she’d found the picture of the other woman.

Officers pulled the woman over. She cried. She said she’d been fighting with her boyfriend.

She admitted she’d picked up a steak knife and tried to slash her boyfriend’s tires. She said she didn’t think she’d caused any damage.

Officers looked at the rear passenger tire on the white limousine, a 1995 Lincoln Continental. The tire was flattened, the rim ruined.

Officers told the woman the damage the knife had caused. She cried.

“I didn’t think it would do that,” she said.

Officers booked the woman into the Fife City Jail on suspicion of malicious mischief.