Boy, 5, in critical condition with E. coli infection in Tacoma, linked to Oregon case

A child being treated for E. coli in Tacoma was in critical condition Tuesday, and is believed to have gotten the infection at the same gathering as a girl who died Monday in Oregon.

The 5-year-old boy’s mother, Elizabeth Sutton, told The Oregonian he was going through dialysis. He was stable, she said, but doctors had warned her about the possibility of a stroke or seizure.

The girl, 4-year-old Serena Faith Profitt, died from complications of the infection, after she suffered a stroke Sunday, The Oregonian reported.

The Tacoma case is being treated at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center, and is connected to the one in Oregon, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department spokeswoman Edie Jeffers said.

Relatives of the children told The Oregonian that they suspect a turkey sandwich the two shared at an Otis, Oregon, restaurant sickened the kids during a get-together over Labor Day weekend.

Oregon health officials and the Tacoma health department are investigating.