Man gets 19-year sentence for fatal Parkland shooting

A man who successfully appealed his murder conviction only to be convicted again was sentenced Friday in Pierce County Superior Court to 19 years in prison.

A jury convicted Dmarcus George earlier this month of second-degree murder in the 2004 shooting death of Isaiah Clark, 22.

George, 30, admitted shooting Clark during a confrontation at a Parkland gas station but contended he acted in self-defense. Deputy prosecutor Jesse Williams, who asked for a high-end sentence of 23 years, said Clark’s death was an act of “cold-blooded murder.”

George’s first trial also ended in conviction, but the Washington State Court of Appeals in 2011 ordered a new trial because George was not allowed to present a self-defense claim during that trial.

On Friday, Clark’s sister-in-law, Amanda Banks, said his murder “ruined our family.”

Clark was studying to be a welder, Banks said.

“He was making something of his life,” she said.

George’s relatives told Judge Ronald Culpepper they believed he did not get a fair trial and asked the judge to be lenient.

Defense attorney Barbara Corey said her client has been a model prisoner since his arrest and spent his six years behind bars after his previous conviction learning the carpentry trade and mentoring young inmates.

Corey requested a low-end sentence of 15 years.

“He regrets taking a life,” she said.

George apologized to Clark’s family and said that since the killing he has dedicated his life to improving himself and helping others.

“If anyone has a responsibility to do what’s right, it’s me,” he said.

Culpepper had the last word.

He said he hopes George sticks to the straight path, but he reminded him that he still has a future. Clark does not, the judge said.

“His future ended 10 years ago because of you,” Culpepper said.