Teen asks police to help bust party while parents were out of town

A teenager asked police to help get a weekend party at his Puyallup home under control while his parents were away.

Officers did, and the party ended in 27 arrests.

An anonymous caller told police about the underage party Saturday night in the 7700 block of 181st Street East.

Pierce County’s Party Intervention Patrol gave this account of the bust that followed:

When officers got there, the 16-year-old resident, whose parents were in Portland, asked police to come inside to restore order.

Between 60 and 70 people were at the home, and 30 to 40 vehicles on the street outside. Alcohol bottles were strewn across the house, and officers said they smelled marijuana.

A couple dozen partiers escaped, trampling the fence in backyard as they ran to the nearby forest.

Meanwhile, officers heard a fight inside and glass breaking. They later confiscated a set of brass knuckles.

Those arrested were between 15 and 20, and most either had recently graduated or were students at area high schools. A few dozen other partyers were released, because they were 21 or sober.

An 18-year-old with an outstanding warrant for driving under the influence was taken to jail. Several of the youths had prior arrests for possessing alcohol or DUI.

Fircrest Police Chief John Cheesman, head of the task force that sponsors the patrol, said parents can ask their local police department to have officers drive by the home while they’re out of town.