Police: Man arrested after Facebook post bragging about eluding cops

The trouble started when the man drove 80 mph and cut in front of a Puyallup police officer, prosecutors said.

He apologized last week, after his son’s mother gave police officers a copy of his Facebook post bragging about how he got away, according to charging papers.

Court records give this account:

The chase happened Sept. 7 in the 1800 block of River Road, when the 39-year-old cut off the officer, as well as several other cars, weaving in and out of traffic. The officer pursued him, but stopped as the man reached 100 mph as he headed toward Tacoma.

Police spoke with the registered owner of the car, the mother of the man’s son, who gave them a print out of the Facebook post her son’s father made the night of the chase. It said: “Good times!!! River Road cops couldn’t catch me what’s up?”

An officer confronted him about the post Thursday, at which point the man apologized for fleeing.

He pleaded not guilty Friday to attempting to elude a police vehicle.

Court Commissioner Meagan M. Foley set his bail at $10,000.

Among the conditions for his release: “Drive only the posted speed limit.”