Prosecutor: Men try to use fake prescription to get 120 Oxycodone pills in Lakewood

A Lakewood pharmacist was suspicious of the prescription for 120 Oxycodone pills so he asked his staff to verify it.

Word came back that Ronald Ochoa Sr., 65, was not a patient at the hospital mentioned in the prescription and that it was forged.

The pharmacist called police and Ochoa was arrested Saturday.

Clayton Hall, who allegedly wrote Ochoa the prescription, was waiting in a car outside and was taken into custody.

Pierce County prosecutors charged both men with attempt to obtain a controlled substance by fraud, deceit or misrepresentation. They pleaded not guilty and were ordered jailed in lieu of $5,000 bail.

Ochoa told police the men were going to split the pills, according to charging papers. Hall said he planned to buy pills from Ochoa.

Officers found two blank prescription forms in Hall’s car, along with 11 methylin pills.

Prosecutors said Hall could face additional charges if he can’t produce proof he obtained the methylin with a legitimate prescription.