Man charged with stealing car of woman doing him a favor

Things went awry when a woman’s friend asked her to give someone a ride, and the favor ended with a man stealing the woman’s rental car and crashing it into another vehicle in Graham, prosecutors said.

Mikhail Alexander Layer, 31, pleaded not guilty Monday to theft of a motor vehicle and trying to elude police.

Court commissioner Meagan Foley set his bail at $75,000.

Charging documents give this account:

The woman agreed to help her friend, and called Layer, who the friend said needed a ride. She picked Layer up in a rental car Saturday, but asked him to get out when he started saying negative things about women.

Instead, he threw his coat over her and hit her in the face.

She got out of the car at that point, thinking Layer would do the same. Instead, he got into the driver’s seat and took off without her.

A deputy found and started pursuing the car, which reached 70 mph during the chase.

Layer took a corner too fast, and hit an oncoming car near 200th Street East and Meridian Avenue East. The car he hit then slammed into a third vehicle.

As the deputy approached the suspect vehicle with his firearm pointed at it, Layer flipped him off. That’s when the deputy pulled him from the car, and used a stungun on Layer when he resisted.

He told the deputy it wasn’t important why he stole the car, and refused to give his name.

Once Layer was apprehended, the deputy heard screaming coming from the backseat of the car the suspect hit.

A pair of adults had safely gotten out of that vehicle, but behind deployed airbags, the deputy found a small girl stuck in her car seat, who he helped to safety. No one was seriously hurt.