Horse rescued after being stuck in mud on Key Peninsula

Firefighters and neighbors worked – and worked – without success Wednesday to rescue a horse stuck in the mud on the Key Peninsula.

In the end, the horse pretty much saved itself.

Owners of the property in the 2700 block of Key Peninsula Highway South found the horse stuck in a runoff pond about 9 a.m.. When they couldn’t free the animal themselves, they called fire crews about 2 p.m.

“It seemed like everything we were trying didn’t work,” Key Peninsula Fire Chief Guy Allen said. “We almost had him out, and the tether rope broke and he fell back into the pond.

“But he actually got deep enough to swim.”

The horse paddled to a sand bar in the pond, where one of the rescuers was able to swim out to meet him, and lead him back to shore about 4 p.m.

“Literally, at the end, he (the horse) walked himself out with a guide, and did all the work himself,” Allen said.

Allen did not immediately know who owned the horse. He said he thought its name might be Sunny.