Deputies wound suspect in Midland; man expected to survive, deputies unhurt

A police chase ended Friday in Midland with a volley of gunfire and a wounded suspect in custody, said Pierce County Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer.

No deputies were hurt when the suspect, still unidentified, rammed several patrol cars before sheriff’s deputies fired their weapons, Troyer said.

Deputies didn’t know the man’s name. They pegged his age as teens or early 20s.

“We did a good job of getting him cornered and stopped,” Troyer said. “And even though we did, he still tried to drive through our vehicles. He was struck, which ended the ordeal, and he’s gonna survive.”

The original dispatch call came in at 3:15 p.m. as a report of someone in a silver Acura rifling through neighborhood mailboxes.

Troyer gave this account of what happened next:

Neighbors approached the man and told him to leave, but he refused. The man appeared to be drunk or high. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, the man drove away — at first slowly, then at a high rate.

Deputies gave chase and were able to spin out the man’s car.

“That disabled the car, but it didn’t stop it,” Troyer said. “He was driving through traffic, ramming patrol cars.”

The chase ended in the 9100 block of Golden Given Road East. Two deputies fired at the man when he tried to ram the patrol cars.

“He’s wounded, but he’s moderately hurt,” Troyer said. “We don’t know who he is, don’t know his age. We don’t really understand what he was doing in the neighborhood.”

The man was taken to a hospital, where he was under guard, Troyer said.