Men accused of beating, robbing woman walking with cane

Two men allegedly beat and robbed a woman walking with a cane in Elk Plain, taking her purse and walking aid.

Dylan Lesher, 21, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first-degree robbery and attempting to elude police. Brandon Waller, 32, pleaded not guilty to first-degree robbery.

Court Commissioner Meagan Foley set bail for each man at $80,000.

Attorneys for the men were not reachable for comment Tuesday.

Court records give this account:

The two men were driving and pulled over near 222nd Street East and 46th Avenue East when they saw the woman. They demanded her purse, saying they would beat her if she didn’t hand it over.

She tried to fight them off using her cane, but Waller knocked her legs out from under her, and the men stomped and kicked her in the back while she lay on the ground.

The woman got up and tried to keep Waller from getting in the car with her purse, but the men got away with the bag and the cane.

Police spotted the car about 30 minutes later and tried to talk with the men. Waller ran away, and Lesher drove off at 80 miles per hour on a 25 mph street. He eventually stopped and also ran away.

A police dog found each man, and officers arrested them.

Investigators found the woman’s purse and cane in the car.

Medics came to help with her injuries.