Drive-by shootings damage Roy City Hall

The building that houses City Hall in Roy was damaged by gunfire in two separate incidents Friday, according to the town’s mayor, Karen Yates.

No one was injured in either shooting, Yates said, but bullets caused an estimated $1,500 damage to doors, walls and windows.

“I am saddened on behalf of our residents,” Yates said in an email to The News Tribune. “This building belongs to them.”

According to witness information, the first incident was a drive-by shooting about 4 a.m. when someone drove to the front of the building and fired two large-caliber bullets through the glass front doors, shattering them.

One bullet lodged in the door that leads to the Municipal Court and City Council chambers, Yates said, and the other ricocheted off a wall and ended up near police offices at the rear of the building.

The second incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. Friday.

According to a witness, a small, dark-colored pickup tried to drive though a narrow passageway between City Hall and the business next door, then reversed, circled the block and stopped in front of the building.

Someone in the truck pointed a gun out of the vehicle and fired two rounds through the mayor’s office windows, the witness said. The driver then fled north on state Route 507.

Evidence indicates that the weapon used in the second incident may have been the same as the one used in the first, Yates said.

Roy police are continuing to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to call the Police Department at 253-843-2286 or email