Man accused of crashing ex-girlfriend’s BMW into telephone pole

The woman lent her BMW to an ex-boyfriend so he could attend a state Department of Corrections appointment.

Then he refused to give it back andcrashed into a telephone pole in Tacoma while eluding the owner, Pierce County prosecutors allege.

According to charging papers:

The woman called the former boyfriend on Thursday when the 20-year-old man didn’t return with her car. He swore at her, and said he was going to chuck the keys in the woods. Then he hung up.

Friends told her they had seen the BMW near South 38th Street and Pacific Avenue, and when she went to investigate, she spotted the car and started following it.

The ex-boyfriend sped down A Street and lost control at a roundabout. The car jumped a curb and slammed broadside into a telephone pole.

A female passenger in the car broke her leg in the crash.

The man took off running, but a witness chased him down and persuaded him to come back.

While smoking a cigarette at the scene, the ex-boyfriend told officers he’d had three malt liquor beers before the crash.

Not only was his license suspended, but because of a prior charge of intoxicated driving, he was supposed to have a device in any car he drove to measure his blood-alcohol content.

The borrowed BMW didn’t have one.

He was charged with vehicular assault, motor vehicle theft, failing to have an ignition interlock device and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded not guilty to the charges Friday.