Four people charged in string of Lakewood burglaries

Four people have been charged with crimes ranging from burglary to trafficking in stolen property after Lakewood police busted up what they called a prolific burglary ring.

The four are suspected of breaking into homes throughout Lakewood this year and stealing jewelry, guns and other items they later pawned. The suspected ringleader sold or pawned 196 items totaling $44,958 between January and October, court records show.

One of the thefts connected to the ring occurred Sept. 25.

A woman putting away her jewelry for the night noticed her jewelry box had been rifled and an envelope containing $200 cash was gone from her dresser, court records show. She and her husband called police.

Investigators, who had a suspect in mind, later used pawn receipts to tie the alleged ringleader to items stolen from the couple’s home, court records show.

One of the co-defendants later told police that members of the ring would “go to work” nearly every day, breaking into homes to steal items they’d then sell or pawn to get drug money, court records show.

Deputy prosecutors wrote in court papers that more charges are likely to be filed.