Prosecutors: Drunken man ran man he suspected of burglary off the road

A vigilante who drunkenly ran a man he suspected of burglary off the road is himself behind bars for his rogue investigation in Tacoma, according to charging papers.

Court records give this account:

A Puyallup Tribal police officer investigated the two-vehicle crash Sunday in the 2000 block of East 32nd Street, where he found the 41-year-old vigilante.

The man appeared drunk and told the officer he thought the other driver was suspicious, and that he knew there had been recent burglaries.

The vigilante said he had had a heated discussion with the man, who sped off, and the vigilante chased him in a pickup.

The other man told police he noticed the vigilante driving behind him at high speed, and tried to drive away. That’s when the vigilante rammed his vehicle, and forced him off the road, the man said.

After the wreck, the man said, the vigilante got out of his pickup and started yelling.

Police said evidence at the scene supported the account of the man chased.

Prosecutors charged the vigilante, who said he’d had six 12-ounce beers, with driving while intoxicated and second-degree assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday, and is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.