Alleged robber in Lakewood home invasion fatally shot, dumped in Federal Way

A Lakewood man is believed to have fatally shot one of three robbers who broke into his home Tuesday night and tied up him and his wife, officials said Wednesday.

The alleged robber’s body later was dumped in Federal Way, presumably by his accomplices.

Police were called about 9:45 p.m. to a home in the 11000 block of Briar Road Southwest. The frantic couple said a trio of men knocked on their front door earlier in the night and forced their way inside.

One robber had a gun; another had a knife.

The robbers pistol whipped the man and cut the woman’s hand with a knife while tying them up, police spokesman Chris Lawler said.

While searching for valuables, the robbers at one point went outside and the man was able to free himself and his wife. The couple shut the door to the room they were in just as the robbers returned.

One of the robbers fired through the door. The man, who had retrieved a handgun, fired twice at the robbers before he and his wife escaped to a back bedroom.

Police believe one of the robbers was wounded before they fled.

Neighbor Vaan Lek said she heard the sounds of a struggle.

“I know something was wrong when I heard the gun,” she said.

About an hour after the home invasion was reported, a woman called 911 to report hearing a gunshot and seeing a man drop to the ground in the parking lot at the Club Palisades apartments, 2211 Star Lake Road, in Federal Way.

Officers sent to the complex found the body of a 19-year-old man. They could not find anyone who heard shots fired at the apartments and weren’t able to identify or contact the 911 caller.

Federal Way and Lakewood police believe the dead man was one of the robbers from the Lakewood home invasion and that the 911 call was made by one of his accomplices, Federal Way spokeswoman Cathy Schrock said.

The man has not been identified. No arrests have been made.

Lawler said police are looking into whether the robbery is related to other home invasions, in Midland Tuesday and University Place last month, that appeared to target owners of marijuana shops. There’s no indication yet, he said, that the three are connected.