Gig Harbor newlyweds now burglary victims

First, Kristen and Jeremy Johnson were in love.

Then, they were newlyweds.

Now, they’re burglary victims.

Someone broke into the home of the Gig Harbor-area couple and stole an engagement ring and cherished belongings they hoped to pass through the generations of their family.

The theft happened between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Nov. 14 while the Johnsons were away from their home near the Burnham Drive exit from state Route 16.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the burglary. No arrests have been made.

“We’re hoping that maybe getting the word out, they could just anonymously return the sentimental stuff,” said Kristen Johnson, 28. “Sometimes you can tug at people’s heart strings and they’ll return one or two things.”

The thieves took wedding gifts boxed up in preparation for the couple’s upcoming move to the Port Orchard home they’re buying. They also took Kristen Johnson’s engagement ring, which she can’t wear in the industrial setting where she works.

Heirloom jewelry from her grandmother in Scotland, and a guitar that belonged to the late father of her 26-year-old husband also are missing.

A bag of engagement photos was taken, but the photographer is getting them digital copies to reprint.

It’s the ring and the guitar she would most like to find.

Jeremy Johnson proposed with the ring last year at the end of an obstacle race the couple finished together.

“He worked really hard saving up for it, and as a wife I only got to wear it for two months,” she said.

The guitar is all that her husband has left of his father, she said, adding it’s frustrating that they won’t have the family belongings that were taken to pass down to their children.

“My grandma’s jewelry was passed down to me,” she said. “I could have given that to my kids. Our kids are never going to meet their grandpa. Jeremy could have said: ‘This was your grandpa’s guitar.’”

The house the couple is buying is a first step in plans to start a family of their own, Kristen Johnson said, and the burglary has given an extra incentive for the upcoming move.

“We’re excited,” she said, “because it has an alarm system.”