Police Beat: A beating, a neighbor in a sheet and a memorable pseudonym

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police.

Nov. 20: The 911 calls – multiple – said two men were beating a woman and dragging her down the sidewalk. It was 1:30 a.m.

Two officers drove to an apartment complex in the 7300 block of Sixth Avenue. They found a commotion. Witnesses pointed to two men walking away: One was 25, the other 22.

One officer spoke to the men. Had they been in a fight, or seen one?

The men said no.

“They related they just got here from the club,” the report states.

Meanwhile, two more officers arrived and spoke to witnesses.

“(Witness) … heard a female screaming, ‘I’ve been good to you’ and ‘please don’t hit me,’ ” the report states.

The witnesses said they rushed outside and saw the two men hit a young woman and throw her down. They yelled at the men, who turned, cursed and offered to fight.

The young woman ran away at that point, witnesses said.

Officers searched. The young woman was nowhere. They had a reported crime and no victim. They released the two men, drifted away and drove around a little.

Before long, witnesses flagged them down. The young woman was back.

She was 21 – 4 feet 11, 104 pounds. She wore a pink hoodie. She’d hidden under a stairwell. She said her boyfriend shoved her, but she didn’t want to file charges. She just wanted her car keys so she could go home. She wouldn’t give a statement.

Officers searched for the two men. They were still in the apartment complex, waiting for an elevator. Officers booked them into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of assault.

Nov. 18: The Bonney Lake man locked himself out of the apartment, knocked on a neighbor’s door for help and caused enough of a stir to get himself arrested.

The dispatch call came from a house in the 6700 block of South Monroe Street. The caller said a man wrapped in a sheet was banging on her windows and door.

Officers drove to the house and found no one — but they saw a sheet lying on the doorstep of an apartment next door. They knocked, and saw a man nearby. He looked high or drunk — officers weren’t sure.

The man was 29. He said he’d locked himself out earlier and had knocked on the neighbor’s door to use the phone, but the woman inside wouldn’t let him in.

He said something else — the kids inside wouldn’t let him in because they didn’t know him.

Officers asked the man more about that. How could the kids not know him if he lived there?

The man said older kids in the house didn’t know him, but two younger kids who lived there did know him, and their mother knew him.

Officers checked the man’s ID. It showed a Bonney Lake address; nothing matched the Tacoma location. They knocked on the apartment door again. No one answered.

They called dispatchers and asked them to ring the phone number associated with the house. It didn’t work.

Officers decided on a welfare check of the house. They opened the door. No one was inside. On the floor, they found mail with a woman’s name on it. They asked the man if he knew the woman’s last name; he didn’t.

Checking back with dispatch, officers found a number associated with the woman’s mother. They called her. She said she didn’t know of anyone living with her daughter or her grandchildren.

Officers ran a records check on the man. Hits came back. He had multiple misdemeanor arrest warrants out of Bonney Lake, all involving domestic violence. They cuffed him, took him to the Pierce County Jail and booked him on the warrants.

Nov. 15: The woman called herself “Fuzz Nut.” Officers figured she was lying, but they couldn’t prove it.

The dispatch call said she was yelling at customers in a restaurant in the 7200 block of Pacific Avenue. Officers found her standing outside the place when they arrived.

She wore a blue-green jacket and blue jeans. Officers pegged her age at 55. They tried to talk to her. She walked away and swore.

They asked for her name.

“Fuzz Nut,” she said. She repeated it with careful emphasis when they asked again — first and last.

They asked for her birth date. She said she didn’t have one. They asked for her age. She said she didn’t have a birth date.

They told her to leave the property. She said she wouldn’t.

They told her she was under arrest on suspicion of criminal trespassing and obstructing a police officer. They cuffed her. They read her rights aloud. She said nothing.

Officers spoke to the manager of the restaurant. She wanted the woman banned from the place permanently.

They took the woman to the Fife City Jail. She carried no identification.

“Because we were unable to positively identify her, she was booked as Fuzz Nut,” the police report stated.