Father kills daughter, commits suicide in South Hill area

A 58-year-old man killed his 6-year-old daughter and then himself Tuesday in their South Hill area apartment, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

The family was scheduled to be evicted Tuesday from the home in the 17700 block of 85th Avenue Court East.

Neighbors who noticed the man’s SUV was still in the parking lot, loaded with boxes, knocked on the door of the apartment. When no one answered, they asked sheriff’s deputies to check on the man and his daughter.

The neighbor told deputies the man was suicidal Monday night and “talking of going far away,” sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. “He made some comments that seemed out of place.”

Deputies peered in the window and saw the little girl lying in her bed. They broke a window to get into the apartment and found the girl dead.

It was not immediately clear how she was killed.

The father was found elsewhere in the apartment. He had hanged himself and slit his wrists, Troyer said.

The man and girl, who lived alone in the apartment, have not been identified.