Prosecutors say Key Peninsula man threatened to shoot, then flipped off sheriff’s deputy

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Key Peninsula man after he allegedly threatened to shoot them and then flipped one of them off as the deputy drew his weapon, prosecutors said.

Joseph Donald Mack, 46, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to two counts of felony harassment.

Judge James Orlando set his bail at $50,000.

An attorney for Mack was not immediately reachable Wednesday night.

Charging papers give this account:

A pair of deputies went to Mack’s home Sunday in the 19900 block of 21st Street Key Peninsula South to arrest his wife at the request of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, though court records don’t say why.

When the deputies knocked on the door, Mack said from inside: “Open the door and I’ll shoot them.”

That prompted one of the deputies to draw his gun and aim it at Mack when the door opened, at which point Mack flipped him the bird with both hands.

In response to Mack’s middle fingers, the deputy put away the firearm and took out his stungun. An uncooperative Mack eventually put his hands up and was handcuffed.

Mack didn’t respond when the deputy he flipped off asked why he had threatened to shoot them.

His wife did speak up, confirming that Mack made the threat and that he knew law enforcement was at the door. She said her husband had a gun inside the house and that she heard him cock it. Deputies found the handgun loaded in the kitchen, with one round in the chamber.

Court records didn’t indicate whether the wife was arrested.