Good Samaritans chase down thief who robbed disabled woman in Milton

Bad guys beware. They don’t play around in Milton.

Just ask the guy who punched a disabled woman in the stomach Friday and then stole the pocketbook from the basket of the electric scooter she uses to get around.

He got an elbow in the face and a trip to jail for his troubles.

The action began about 4 p.m. outside the Safeway store in the Surprise Lake Village shopping center.

Witnesses told Milton police the theft happened just after a woman in her 60s, who was decked out in Seattle Seahawks paraphernalia for Blue Friday, maneuvered her scooter outside the grocery store.

She’d made a sizable cash withdrawal from the bank branch inside. The money was intended as a gift for her daughter, police detective Amy Camden said.

She’d barely made it onto the sidewalk when a man ran up to her, slugged her in the gut, grabbed the pocketbook and made a run for it, Camden said.

The stunned woman recovered her senses in time to give chase, shouting for help as she motored after the thief, the detective said.

Several people who saw what happened joined the pursuit.

One fellow caught up with the thief as he climbed into his black pickup. That man told officers he ripped open the driver’s door and grabbed the bandit’s keys before he could make his getaway.

“I kind of elbowed him in the face,” the Good Samaritan said, according to a police report.

He wasn’t through.

When the thief struggled to get away, the guy allegedly put him in a sleeper hold and held it until the bandit started to get woozy, Camden said.

Officers arrived shortly thereafter and arrested a 25-year-old King County man on suspicion of second-degree robbery. He was booked into the Pierce County Jail and is expected in court on Tuesday.

The woman’s money was recovered, Camden added.