Two charged in attack on nurse at Western State Hospital

Two men held at Western State Hospital allegedly attacked two employees, choking one during a struggle.

Pierce County prosecutors charged Calen Shearer, 50, and Stephen Sagmo, 22, with third-degree assault. Shearer also was charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Neither man has been arraigned.

Charging papers give this account:

The attack took place Nov. 25, the day after Sagmo’s room was searched and hospital employees found socks filled with billiard balls, metal paper clips, nylon rope, a golf ball, crochet needle, dental pick and a broken window.

Officials said paper clips often are used to start fires by shorting electrical circuits.

“Sagmo said he planned to use the pool ball and sock to assault staff and then use the rope to tie them up,” court records show.

He said he concocted the plan with Shearer, who days before allegedly was found with billiard ball-stuffed socks.

On the day of the assault, Sagmo became agitated because he wanted clean sheets but refused to pick them up off the floor as a nurse requested. When Sagmo continued to yell and cause a disturbance, the charge nurse intervened.

Prosecutors allege Sagmo repeatedly punched the nurse and knocked him to the floor. When another employee intervened, Shearer allegedly grabbed him from behind and began choking him with his arm.

The employee lost consciousness.

Staff members got Sagmo and Shearer under control after about four minutes, records show.

Later, “Shearer appeared to be bragging about the incident saying he only needed one more minute and he would have killed” the employee, according to charging papers.

Sagmo is at Western State because of criminal charges in King County. Shearer is civilly committed.