Men plead not guilty after more than 31 pounds of meth found in Buckley drug bust

A pair of men pleaded not guilty Tuesday in connection to more than 31 pounds of methamphetamine police found in a Buckley drug bust this week.

Augustin Gutierrez-Valencia, 24, and Gerardo Danesta Dias, 25, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to drug possession with intent to deliver. Gutierrez-Valencia is in jail pending $500,000 bail, and Danesta Dias in lieu of $250,000.

“This was a major drug bust in an ongoing effort to stop the methamphetamine pipeline from Mexico,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement.

Officers searched the men’s Buckley home Monday, finding $91,000, 425 oxycodone pills and several ounces of methamphetamine and heroin. They also found more than 31 pounds of meth in the hidden compartment of an SUV, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, the men used the SUV to bring drugs from Los Angeles to Washington.