Missing Snohomish County girls found safe in Tacoma

A pair of missing Snohomish County teenage girls, who detectives feared had been forced into sex trafficking, were found safe and were with police Sunday.

With the help of Tacoma police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation found the two 16-year-olds Saturday night.

They left their homes Jan. 28, authorities said. Police had them in custody Sunday afternoon.

When the girls went missing, authorities said they may be frequenting Puget Sound hotels.

Shari Ireton, a spokeswoman for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, said detectives had evidence of some Internet sites the girls had visited before they left, which created concern for the families about where they might be.

“With sex trafficking usually comes a bevy of other crimes — usually drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault — so pulling them out of that world as quickly as possible is what we’re aiming for,” Ireton said after they went missing.

Ayn Dietrich, the local spokeswoman for the FBI, said only that the teens were found together and are “in a safe location now.”

When asked if anyone had been arrested, Dietrich said no.

Further details about where and how the girls were found were not immediately available.