Fife infant in critical condition after father shook him violently, doctors say

A 2-month-old baby might die from severe brain injuries after his father allegedly shook him violently in a Fife apartment.

George Wells, 25, pleaded not guilty to first-degree assault of a child. He was ordered jailed in lieu of $1 million bail.

Police and paramedics were called Friday to the 2300 block of 58th Avenue East to assist the baby boy, who wasn’t breathing and had a faint pulse.

The infant was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined he had severe brain injuries and no real sign of brain activity, Pierce County prosecutors said.

Wells was alone with his son for about 20 minutes while his girlfriend and her father went grocery shopping, according to charging papers.

He initially told police the infant was propped up on the couch and vomited. He said that after wiping the baby’s mouth, he noticed he wasn’t breathing.

Doctors said the infant’s injuries are consistent with being shaken violently and could not have happened spontaneously.

“The defendant then claimed he tossed (his son) up in the air and that he missed catching him and (the baby) fell to the floor, hitting his head,” documents state.

The baby’s survival was in question Monday.

“If the baby dies, we will charge murder,” Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said.