Lakewood cop killer’s helper gets reduced sentence thanks to state Supreme Court

Eddie Lee Davis learned Friday that a ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court cut 21 months off his prison sentence and that he should be free by the end of next week.

Davis, 25, was one of the seven people charged in the aftermath of the massacre of four Lakewood police officers in November 2009.

A Pierce County jury convicted him of rendering criminal assistance and gun possession charges after prosecutors argued he drove cop killer Maurice Clemmons from Tacoma to a house in Pacific after the shootings.

Clemmons later was shot dead by a Seattle police officer during a two-county manhunt.

Prosecutors sought and received an exceptional sentence for Davis of 10 years, five months in prison, a sentence he began serving in 2011. With his credit for time served while awaiting trial, Davis was to remain in prison until at least November 2016.

But in a December opinion, the state Supreme Court voided his gun possession convictions, ruled he was not subject to a sentence outside the standard range and sent his case back to Pierce County for resentencing. The court said Davis never really “possessed” the gun he was charged with having, a weapon that actually belonged to Clemmons and Davis handled only briefly.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend complied Friday, sentencing to Davis to credit for time served because he’s already served more time in prison than the high end of the standard range.

Davis was returned to the prison system but should be processed out in five or six days.

Of the six people convicted in the aftermath of Clemmons’ killings of Sgt. Mark Renninger and officers Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens and Gregory Richards, only Davis and one other remain incarcerated: Suspected getaway driver Dorcus Allen.

The rest have either served their time or had their convictions overturned by higher courts.

Allen, who was granted a new aggravated first-degree murder trial by the state Supreme Court last month, is to be transferred from state prison to Pierce County next month for a pre-trial hearing.

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