Brother, sister charged in Lakewood shooting

A brother and sister have pleaded not guilty in a shooting that wounded a Lakewood man.

Lacee Abelson, 19, and Alex Abselson, 24, entered their pleas Wednesday and were ordered jailed in lieu of $25,000 and $35,000, respectively.

Pierce County prosecutors charged both with first-degree assault. Lacee Abelson also is charged with felony harassment.

The shooting happened Sunday outside the apartment Lacee Abelson shares with the victim’s girlfriend at the Woodside Apartments, 12715 Bridgeport Way SW.

After an argument between the victim and Lacee Abelson, the victim allegedly broke a window on Lacee Abelson’s car. She called her brother to come over and “smoke” the victim, according to charging papers.

What happened next is based on he-said, she-said accounts that police are still trying to sort out.

Lacee Abelson left and returned with a few friends. Alex Abelson also came over to the apartment.

When Lacee Abelson tried to get inside the apartment, the victim allegedly blocked her entrance while Abelson’s boyfriend tried to crawl through a back window.

The victim was armed with two knives, records show. Somehow Lacee Abelson was cut on her right hand. The victim eventually leaped out the window and ran.

The Abelsons’ friends said the victim tried to stab one of the men in their group but missed.

The victim “returned to the apartment and told (his girlfriend) things had gotten out of hand and he needed to leave,” documents state. He “collected some personal belongings and left.”

Moments later, the victim’s girlfriend heard five or six gunshots. The victim, who was wounded, returned to the apartment for help.

He told police Alex Abelson shot him in the back.

Witnesses told detectives they saw several men chasing the victim, who fell to the ground and then was kicked by the other men.

Lacee Abelson refused to speak with police and was arrested. Alex Abelson turned himself in Wednesday.