Police: Milton officer hurt when suspect rams into patrol car

A Milton police officer was hurt early Tuesday when a suspect rammed his patrol car at 50 mph in a head-on crash, authorities said.

The crash happened about 12:20 a.m. after the officer saw a car partially blocking the northbound lane just south of 8700 Pacific Highway East near Milton.

Police gave this account of what happened next:

When the officer approached the car and knocked on the driver’s window to get his attention, the car started slowly creeping forward. As the officer followed, the driver suddenly hit the brakes, punched the window from the inside and then sped off.

Police Sgt. Nils Luckman said the officer ran back to his patrol car and got inside as the suspect quickly made a U-turn after traveling two or three blocks.

Luckman said the officer barely had enough time to get inside his vehicle and close the door before the other car hit the patrol cruiser head-on at about 50 mph. The officer’s and the suspect’s cars were pushed off the road.

Luckman said the patrol car’s engine was nearly pushed into the passenger’s seat.

Though hurt, the officer pulled the suspect out of the car and held him at gunpoint until other officers arrived.

The suspect and the officer were taken to the hospital.

The officer has a head injury that required staples as well as some minor abrasions. He was treated and released.

The man was arrested on charges of first-degree vehicular assault.

The officer was expected to be off work for at least a week.